Irving Scott

Virtue: Temperance Auspice: Cahalith Primal Urge **
Vice: Lust Tribe: Ghost Wolf
Health: 9/11/13/12/9 Deffense: 1/1/2/3/3 Size: 5/6/7/6/4
Speed: 8/9/12/15/13 Initiative: 4/4/5/6/6 Perception: 7/9/10/10/11
Mental Physical Social
Intelligence 2 Strength 2/3/5/4/2 Presence 2
Wits 4 Dexterity 1/1/2/3/3 Manipulatio 1/0/NA/-2/1
Resolve 2 Stamina 4/5/6/6/5 Composure 3
Mental Physical Social
Academics* Athletics** Animal Ken*
Computers Brawl*** (Grappling) Empathy
Crafts* Drive Expression*** (Poetry)
Investigation* Firearms Intimidation** (Physical Threats)
Medicine** (Long Term Care) Larceny** Persuation
Occult** Stealth*** Socialize
Politics* Survival*** Streetwise**
Science* Weaponry Subterfuge


Purity Glory*** Honor Wisdom Cunning

Gifts: Pack Awarness (Gibbous Moon 1 117), The Right Words (Inspiration 1 125), Mighty Bound (Strength 1 141), Warning Growl (Dominance 1 109)

Merits: Quick Healer (4 dot), Holistic Awarness (3 dot), First tounge (1 dot), Sriking Looks (2 dot)


Irving Scott grew up in the middle of Boston with his mother. His father left when he was little and later in life Irving saw this as a good thing once he relized that his father used to abuse his mother. Irving grew up running in the streets in the poorer areas around boston, getting into whatever trouple there seemed to be. He was kept in school, mostly because he wanted to keep his mother happy and she said that the best thing he could do is stay in school, till senoir year, when while he was working for the gangs on his street as an enforcer he badly injured three people sending them to critical care. At that point he took off and started to head west. Along the way somewhere in western NY he had his first change.
With this new perpective on life he used his strength to keep himself alive and chase the nightmares and dreams he saw in his sleep. as luck would have it he bumped into a pack in Minisoda and stayed with them for a few years learning the ropes and honning his strength. After a while though they all new that this was not where he belonged and he continued to the west, picking whatever odd jobs he could and living off the land.
Now he has entered the wonderful world of Seatle, thinking to himself "well now that I’ve hit water my wander aimlessly west plan doesn’t work anymore.

Irving Scott

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