This is a werewolf the forsaken game. Everyone will build a human and then apply the werewolf template to it. This means you will not be able to buy down your morality/harmony and you will not be able to use your Merit points to increase your Primal Urge. The game is based around Seattle Washington, but being werewolves you will find that a lot of the free time and extra work you will have will be in the woods, parks, and national forests around the place. You will also find less problems out in the forest as things are more balanced out there. In cities there can be random strong and weak points in the gantlet making dead zones or high spirit zones. These are both bad things in the werewolf world, and as such tend to not make very good homes for werewolves.

This will be a sandbox game, so the quests will be scattered around town with different things prompting your investigations when you find the quest. This game is more up to you to find things to do, I will be awarding xp during the game based on things that you come up with that make a positive move towards helping the werewolf cause/duty or even when you fail at an action but learn more about being a werewolf or just the game in general. For the furthering of the werewolf cause this could be fortifying you packs area against evil spirits, making deals and bargains with spirits, and doing hunts on creatures that are evil and a threat to the group.

Right at the beginning of the game you will be told that there is a limited amount of in game time you have before the big ending shows up, though you don’t know what that really is in the beginning (He tells you what it is but it has no meaning to you yet) or how long you have.

While you don’t have much in the beginning to work with as you learn and grow I will be putting information up on the wiki about things that you learned. This will be in addition to what is in the werewolf book, and will give you info on different types of Spirits, new Rites and Gifts that you create or find, and regional information that you discover. Not all the information might fit exactly with the werewolf book, but if something I write does not match up with game mechanics let me know.

Werewolf Seattle Game

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