Battle Fatigue

Fighting is very tiring, characters take a -1 penalty for every Stamina+Resolve rounds they spend in close combat (all Weapon and Brawl rols plus Firearms roles when a taget uses their defense). These penalties apply to all roles with the exception of Resistance roles.

This heals at rate of one penalty every 5 minute after your character can rest. So if you are forced to flee you still take these penalties until you can rest for this time.

Werewolf; werewolves with their extreem healing only have to end the scene, once the fight is over and they can take a breather their body heals all penalties. Just like fast healing though, you can not heal until the sorce of the problem has been dealt with (the fight). You may spend one essesnse to remove all battle fatigue, this is a reflexive action.

Vampire; Vampires are uneffected by this rule.

Characters with the Fast Healing merit cut their recover time in half.
Characters with Iron Stamina merit apply their reductions to this as well.

Battle Fatigue

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